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  1. 第二次世界大戦後の働く既婚女性
  2. 働く女性に関する法律
  3. 女性の事務職
  4. 「ねばつく床」と「ガラスの天井」:女性のキャリアにおける障害
  5. アルファ・アーナー:高収入の既婚女性
  6. 職場におけるセクシュアルハラスメント
  7. アメリカにおける出生率
  8. アメリカの政治における女性
  9. アメリカの軍隊における女性
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Woman sitting at her desk, in a cubicle
A woman works in an office at NASA.
Photo from NASA.
Clerical Work for Women
In 1990, close to 2 million women worked as secretaries and other clerical workers. About one-fourth to one-third of women from each ethnic group in the United States are clerical workers. Since many female clerical workers serve as assistants to male managers, they are sometimes treated as “office wives.” Many of the duties of these female clerical workers are entry-level simple tasks which do not require much training, such as word processing and data entry, which makes it hard for them to advance in the work place. In 2002, 81.42% of the clerical work force of the federal government was female. This is a slight decrease since 1993, when the percentage was 85.98%. Among these female clerical workers, the percentage of white women is decreasing but that of women of color is increasing. Click CHARTS to see the clerical work force in government wide employment of workers.
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